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Congratulations on joining the teaching profession with Zhong Ying International School. As a new teacher, you have been entrusted with a position of responsibility within society. To maintain and merit the already established respect, it is essential that you will be aware of your position at all times and conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner. Every school has its own ethos which is reinforced by a set of shared values. You are expected to share these values and feel proud of being part of the school where you have been posted. You should strive to uphold your school’s good standards and follow the school’s code of practice to ensure uniformity. You should familiarize yourself with the School Development Plan and implement it in your classwork.

It is ethical to pass any correspondence to the vice president of academics through the school principal as the Head of School is the person responsible for the running of the school. As a teacher, you should realize that all pupils must be recognized as individuals. All pupils must be encouraged to develop a moral conscience if they are to fulfill their potential and integrate effectively into society. As such they should never be called names, ridiculed or belittled.